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Greetings BKXV members,

Our next meeting will be held on Sunday, Febuary 18th at 1PM.  

We will meet at Pagel's Pub on CTH L, north of Little Chicago. As usual we'll try to meet for a social hour at noon for a drink or two and then will order our food so our meeting can proceed afterwords.

This month our meeting place for lunch on Sunday, August 27th, will be the Tee-A-Way Golf Course Restaurant. The local Family Restaurant has no separate room for a private meeting, and there are very few options around here. Even Tee-A-Way is not normally open for meals on Sunday, but the manager is making an exception for us.
The manager is hoping to get an approximate number of people he will be serving. He was considering putting together a pulled pork type of meal. He may also try and get cook staff to come in and flip burgers and have a sandwich menu if that is what we would prefer.
I will have a nice ride planned for afterward, going through the Blue Hills of Rusk County, then into Sawyer and Washburn Counties before returning to the Ladysmith area.
Let me know what you think about the meal ideas and what you think an approximate number of members may be.
Tee-A-Way is just a few blocks off of STH 8 coming into Ladysmith on the east side, and the address is: 
    1401 E 11th St N
     Ladysmith, WI  5484